Divine Hycenth

Hello there šŸ‘‹, Iā€™m Divine Hycenth.

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Iā€™m a Full stack developer with over 5 years of professional experience. I've been building web applications using technologies like React, Next.js, Typescript, Node.js, GraphQL and many more.

I've been involved in various company/team sizes that uses AGILE/SCRUM methodologies to deliver high quality softwares.

Over the course of my career in the computer world, I have worn multiple hats. I started off as a graphic designer in a small town in my country at the age of 16 therefore be rest assured that when I say it looks fantastic, then it really is.

I spend most of my free time improving Nature UI and creating fitness content on Instagram.

Occasionally, I write articles related to web development here on my blog and also on DEV and Hashnode . I enjoy building software solutions for both organizations and open-source.

I wanted an adds free platform that I can share my approach to solving some technical problems, the tools I use to stay productive, and a place to reflect on the things I've done in the past so I created this website.